Unitron Hearing Aids Reviews

For more than 40 years, Unitron has been manufacturing hearing aids that feature high-quality performance. The two main styles offered, Moda and Moxi, each have four versions.

This Unitron hearing aids review will explain more about each, allowing individuals to quickly determine which one is most suitable for their needs. By getting useful information like this, the shopping process is expedited and the individual can get down to the business of hearing things more clearly.

Moda models are open fit and include behind the ear and concealable styles. The Indigo Moda is considered an automatic device so users do not need to make manual adjustments. The Element 16 is also automatic and it is designed for very active users who frequently find themselves in environments with varying levels of noise.

The Element 8 was created to highlight speech, so it is suitable for quiet environments like the house or a small gathering. Element 4 is also designed for quiet environments and is very affordable.

Moxi Indigo devices automatically adjust to the listening environment and the volume is determined based on the ability of the wearer to concentrate. This device can be used with different noise levels, suitable for everything from a quite conversation, to listening to music, to a very noisy group of people.

It is offered in both behind the ear and in the ear styles. Not every Unitron hearing aids review includes this information, but the detail is important for shoppers to know.

The Element 16 Moxi is easy to use, very small, and does not require manual adjustment. An automatic directional microphone is included in the Element 8, allowing wearers to target conversations with specific people while minimizing background noise. The Element 4 includes comfort features and is the most affordable in the Moxi line.

unitron hearing aids reviewsAs this Unitron hearing aids review illustrates, both the Moda and Moxi are small, comfortable, and discreet. Moda models are each shock resistant, adapt automatically to a telephone conversation, and minimize background noises and whistling due to the wind. Included in all Moxi models is canal receiver technology that adapts to the needs of the wearer.

There is also an economically priced Conversa device that is designed for conversations in noisy environments and features three adaptable programs. In addition, three models are available under the Unison name- the 3, 6, and Essential. Last, but not least, is the Breeze, which is automatic, eliminates background noise, and features manual controls. Those who are interested should read an in-depth Unitron hearing aids review regarding these models.