Starkey Hearing Aids Review

Since 1973, Starkey has been making hearing aids under several brand names. A Starkey hearing aids review reveals that the company is currently the largest hearing aids manufacturer on the planet.

As such, it offers devices designed for a first-time wearer as well as for individuals who are looking to upgrade. Hearing impaired individuals are likely to find a suitable device within the current product line.

This company was one of the first to issue a warranty for its products, something that is very desirable because many health insurance plans do not cover these devices. While manufacturers often provide a trial period for their devices, the trial offered by Starkey is free.

Individuals do not need to rely solely on a Starkey hearing aids review to find the best product. They can try out the devices at no charge to find the best one.

Another excellent feature of Starkey products is the inclusion of self-diagnostics. The newest device, Destiny 1600, provides the wearer with information regarding the performance of the device as well as the status of its microphone, receiver, and circuit. It comes in behind and in the ear styles in addition to models that are in the canal and completely in the canal. With an integrated ear measurement tool, speech and various other tones are detected.

When reading Starkey hearing aids reviews, individuals will learn that the Destiny also comes in 1200, 800, and 200 models, each designed for different levels of environmental noise and featuring a different price. No matter which device is chosen, whistling is eliminated and features like adaptability, memory, autophone, and a low battery warning are included. A one-year warranty is included with every Starkey product.

Starkey hearing aids reviewsBluetooth phones can be used with the high-end Starkey brand called ELI. The ELI device serves as an earpiece for a phone that is Bluetooth-enabled. Wearers will not be forced to endure cell phone conversations filled with static and choppy dialogue like most individuals with older hearing aids must. This becomes even more important when people cancel their landline service and use only their cell phones for audio communication.

There is another interesting bit of knowledge not often learned when reading Starkey hearing aids reviews. This company was one of the first to use nanoscience technology in hearing aid production. This results in smaller, lighter devices than other competitors can offer. Wearers will experience additional comfort while enhancing their ability to hear sounds and conversations in various environments.