Rexton Hearing Aids Review

The Rexton hearing aid product line includes both digital and analog devices. The company has been in business for over 50 years and is known for the affordable nature of its hearing aids.

When reading a Rexton hearing aids review, people will discover that the company segregates its devices into three categories, each targeting a different price range. This makes it easier for consumers to find the proper device to fit their budget.

Featuring the lowest prices, the Arena offers standard features and comes in two behind the ear and six in the ear styles. Full, half, completely in the canal, and mini in the canal shells are offered. Features include microphone noise reduction, delayed power, a low battery signal, and optional enhancements.

The mid-priced Targa line includes the microphone noise reduction feature and adds other technologies like adaptive noise reduction.

The highest priced line revealed by Rexton hearing aids reviews is the Calibra. This model is the best digital device manufactured by Rexton. Three in the ear and eight behind the ear variations are included in various shells. Calibra models are accurately fit to meet the specifications of the wearer. If user-defined technology is an important feature, the Revera will be the device of choice. It features a data logging system and comes in nearly every style.

In addition to going into detail regarding these models, a Rexton hearing aids review covers the warranty provided by the company. Depending on the device, the warranty period runs from one to two years. A two year loss policy is included with all products. The company trains audiologists so these professionals will be knowledgeable regarding its products. When it comes time for a fitting, the individuals can better tailor the fit, due to their Rexton-specific knowledge.

Rexton hearing aids reviewsAside from being affordable in and of themselves, Rexton devices are offered through various low-income programs. The company collaborates with Lions Club International to provide devices via its Affordable Hearing Aids Project. Consumers benefit from service after the sale, enabling them to get answers to questions and maximize the effectiveness of their device.

The digital and analog devices highlighted in a Rexton hearing aids review illustrate that a model is available for every budget and need. Digital devices are the most technologically advanced and are perfect for people who enjoy active lifestyles.

A programmable analog device features a lower price tag but offers decent power and features. Conventional analog devices are adequate but do not include the higher-level features of these other technologies.