Resound Hearing Aids Review

Resound is one of the newer hearing aid manufacturers to enter the market, formed in 1999. The Danish company was created when Resound Corporation merged with GN Danavox. Beltone, another Danish hearing aid manufacturer, was acquired by Resound in the year 2000.

Learning about the company through a Resound hearing aids review will provide knowledge of both Resound and Beltone devices.

Alera, Live, Essence, Sparx, and be are the products offered under the Resound brand name. Alera features surround sound and provides wireless connections to a mobile phone, computer, stereo, and television.

The company reports that a device in the Alera line can be used to assist with 90 percent of all losses in hearing. An iSolate nanotech coating protects the device against moisture and sweat. This device is offered in four models and three technology levels.

Live also delivers a surround sound experience via ReSound technology. This new surround sound processer provides a more detailed, natural, richer sound quality. WhistleControl cancels whistling and speech understanding in noise enables wearers to determine the direction of sounds.

An in the ear remote microphone is one of the styles offered in this model. Essence is designed for consumers on a limited budget and features revealed in a Resound hearing aids review include push button, volume control, and a battery life of up to 372 hours.

Sparx includes super-power features designed for individuals with profound hearing loss. It offers the most power without uncomfortable whistling or squealing. This device is one of the strongest when it comes to gain and output and it also features great sound quality.

It is offered as a behind the ear style and features a push button and easy to use volume control. Available colors are blue, gray red, beige, and dark brown.

resound hearing aids reviewThe be model is the first and only Resound device in the remote microphone category. Features outlined in Resound hearing aids reviews include the most advanced technology in digital sound, comfort, near invisibility, and outstanding wind noise elimination. Anyone with hearing loss that is mild to moderately severe can benefit from wearing this device.

Whether a user is interested in the Alera, Live, Essence, Sparx, or be products, more information can be gained from a comprehensive Resound hearing aids review. Reading about the benefits of each line will provide information useful to the decision-making process.

Once individuals find the proper model, they can select from the variants designed to accommodate different listening environments. Prices are determined by the device selected and are provided by local hearing professionals.