What Factors Affect Hearing Aids Prices

A hearing aid is designed to amplify sound, enabling individuals with hearing impairments to improve their quality of life. There are various models currently sold and each features a different price.

Hearing aids prices are based on the style, features, battery, and quality.  Consumers should consider each of these, as well as reliability, prior to purchasing a new hearing aid. Basing the decision on these factors, rather than price alone, will result in a smart purchase.

Some basic components are shared by all hearing aids but several models are designed for specific forms of hearing impairment. Conventional versions, which are still available, use analog technology. A digital model uses a microchip and features the ability to adjust settings beyond the level of environmental noise. Some types include special features designed to maximize sounds emitted during a face-to-face conversation or when watching television.

Special components like ear mold earpieces also affect hearing aids prices. These earpieces help direct the sound into the ear so it can be more easily recognized by the wearer. Battery life and replacement cost influence the ownership cost of the device. A battery can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the device power requirements, whether it is used with an assistive listening device, and the type of battery. Another ownership cost is the expense to repair the device, which is reduced when a reliable model is selected.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, there are several styles of hearing aids. These are: in the canal, completely in the canal, in the ear, behind the ear, behind the ear open fitting, receiver in canal, extended wear, and middle ear implants. Hearing aid prices are affected by the style selected, so consumers should review the different aspects of each style to determine which type is preferred.

Digitized processing of sound has resulted in an improvement in the sound amplification quality of hearing aids. The analog device is tailored to reflect the specific hearing impairment. Digital devices can not only be adjusted to accommodate different listening environments, they can also differentiate between speech and noise and create distortion-free signals.

Special features such as directional microphones and telephone switches affect hearing aids prices. When a microphone is activated to channel sounds from a certain direction, the wearer can listen to the intended person even when a room is crowded. The telephone switch turns off the microphone so the wearer can more clearly hear a phone conversation.

Hearing Aid Price Examples

While prices vary from store to store, here are the average prices per fitted ear for the most common hearing aids.

Siemens Hearing Aids Prices

  • Siemens Pure 701 – $2,799
  • Siemens Pure 501 – $2,299
  • Siemens Pure 301 – $1,849
  • Siemens Life 700 – $2,799
  • Siemens Life 500 – $2,299
  • Siemens Life 300 – $1,849


Phonak Hearing Aids Prices

Phonak hearing aids pricesPhonak is a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer that has been famous for its light weight and  compact yet very powerful collection of world class hearing aids. Among the many other features of superb Phonak hearing aids, is the automatic sound adjustment function. This particular function is definitely a product of genius. The sound that the user hears through the hearing aid instantly adjusts, hands-free, depending on changes in the environment. Phonak hearing aids are also available in various types and colors. The most popular are those that matches the color of the users skin tone.   In spite of their quality, Phonak hearing aids prices are very customer-friendly. Well, you will find that out later but first you must check out some of the main features of Phonak hearing aids.

In truth, Phonak caters to people with mild to moderate hearing dysfunction. Basically there are eight Phonak hearing aids that you can choose from if you are suffering from hearing loss that falls under the mild and moderate category. The eight main hearing aid models offered by this excellent Swiss hearing aid company are Naida, Exelia, Andeo, Eleva, Savea Art, Extra Unio, Micro Eleva, and Micropower. Despite the high brow sounding monikers, Phonak hearing aids prices are very reasonable.  Aside from reasonable prices that the company offers, it is also known for its top quality lines of hearing devices especially designed for children. This makes Phonak a very versatile brand.

Apart from affordable Phonak hearing aids prices and the versatility of the products offered by the manufacturer, you’re jaw will drop when you find out about its other excellent features. Perhaps one of the best features is the patented design of all Phonak hearing aids.  Phonak, having received the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award, is a much-emulated entity when it comes to providing the market some of the most groundbreaking hearing aid designs. The geniuses behind the design of Phonak hearing aids have successfully  married sophisticated style with superb function. This means that apart from its stylish features, using a Phonak hearing aid is very much hassle-free.


Compared to other hearing devices, Phonak hearing aids are a tad bit pricey. But when you come to think of the benefits that come with a Phonak hearing aid, you will definitely understand why the brand is still on the top despite the proliferation of seemingly cheaper hearing aids.  Though it may be true that there have been a lot of, well, more affordable hearing aids in the market today, they are however miles apart in terms of quality and performance compared to Phonak. A Phonak hearing aid can last many years and is especially built to endure many months of rough use. Aside from its durability, a Phonak hearing aid also comes with an amazing two-year warranty guarantee. Phonak hearing aids are usually sold for $3,999 or even less, depending on where you purchase them online. Some sites even offer outstanding discounts for clients. Check out Amazon.com and other online sources to compare Phonak hearing aids prices.


Resound Hearing Aids Prices

  • Resound Alera Hearing Aids – $1,849 – $2,799
  • Resound Live Hearing Aids – $1,849 – $2,799


Unitron Hearing Aid Prices

  • Unitron Passport – $2,699
  • Unitron Latitude  – $1,699 – $2,199
  • Unitron Hearing YUU – $2,699
  • Unitron Shift – $2,699


Sonic Hearing Aids Prices

  • Sonic Innovations Touch – $1,999 – $2,799
  • Sonic Innovations Velocity – $1,599 – $2,799


Oticon Hearing Aids Prices

Oticon hearing aids pricesHearing loss is one of the problems that hinder everyday activities the most. Since hearing is one of the most essential and basic senses of the body, its impairment can cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience. This is why when it comes to hearing loss, Oticon is here to help you.

Oticon is the second largest manufacturer of hearing aids across the entire globe. It has been providing high quality hearing aids to people since 1904. They offer a wide range of products that are guaranteed to help you hear well.

Oticon Hearing Aids Prices and Variations

Oticon offers a wide range of hearing aid products that are suited for a likewise wide range of market. The company uses only the best hearing aid technology in all of their products. Each hearing aid is specially designed and manufactured to meet the individual needs and requirements of each patient.

Agil – This hearing aid allows you to take an active part in a conversation even when you are in a place where there are a lot of sounds that divide your attention like dinner parties or cafe meetings. It helps you spend less energy in these given situations. The Agil works by preserving the natural dynamics of sounds and sending recognizable sounds to your brain. The Oticon hearing aids prices of this product is around $1,295 to $1,595.

  • Acto – The Acto is a hearing aid that is specially designed for the mid-market segment with a price range of $895 to $1,095. It has high quality sound, enhanced spatial awareness, and wireless connectivity.
  • Intiga – The Intiga is a small, wireless hearing aid that uses discreetness, performance, and acceptance. These factors are combined to make you hear more comfortably. The Oticon hearing aids prices of the Oticon Intiga ranges from $1,045 to $1,545.
  • Ino – For just $495 to $695, you can get an Oticon Ino. This hearing aid uses the best technology. It allows you to enjoy the simple conversations that you have with your family and friends.
  • Get – This hearing aid is an affordable solution to everyday hearing problems without sacrificing quality and value. It boosts the audibility of conversations, movies, and more. The hearing aid price of this is cheaper than the others.
  • Chili – The Oticon Chili is ideal for those who have moderate to severe cases of hearing loss. It is comfortable and stylish as well. Its price ranges from $995 to $1,495.

There are other Oticon hearing aid products that are available. These include Dual, Hit, Sumo DM, Vigo Connect, Epoq, Delta, Tego, Vigo, and Go Pro. All of the products use the best technology available. The hearing aids cost of these products also varies according to the Oticon hearing features included.

The Oticon prices may vary according to the different stores and dealers that offer the product line. Basically the Oticon hearing aids prices depend on the model or type of hearing aid that is needed. In order to get the right one, professional medical assistance may be needed beforehand. A checkup with the doctor or hearing specialist would help determine which hearing aid is most suited for the given needs and conditions.


Rexton Hearing Aids Prices

Rexton hearing aids pricesIf you are experiencing hearing loss and you want a hearing aid that is both efficient and reliable; then you should probably choose Rexton hearing aids. Rexton is known for producing quality hearing aids. You can choose from a different variety of models that will suit your lifestyle perfectly. For example, if you have an active lifestyle and you love doing outdoor activities, the Rexton digital hearing aids will work best for you. Rexton hearing aids prices vary depending on the style or model. Since Rexton has a wide range of hearing aids, you will probably find something that suits your budget too.

Rexton hearing aids prices and reviews

  • Rexton Insite+ – Rexton hearing aids prices for the Insite+ ranges $2,000-$3,500 with a 2-year warranty service. It comes with 16 & 8 bands and channels. Insite+ offers a hi-tech digital hearing aid that will provide you superb hearing quality and crystal clear sound. Some of the features of Insite include focus 360, wireless technology, feedback preventer, sound radiance, sound locator, and multi-channel adaptive directional microphone.
  • Rexton Cobalt+ – Rexton hearing aids prices for Cobalt+ ranges from $2,100-$3,300 with 2-year warranty service and 16 & 8 bands and channels. The Cobalt+ is a small size hearing aid but contains hi-tech feature for speech understanding. With this hearing aid, you can hear every word even when it comes from behind your back. Some of the features that made this hearing aid powerful include Focus 360, automatic multi-channel adaptive directional microphone, feedback preventer, sound radiance, soundsmoothing, blu link, advanced nano coating, wireless assistant, and more. This hearing aid is also designed to blend with your hair color and skin tone.
  • Rexton Gem+ – Rexton hearing aids prices for Gem+ ranges from $1,950-$3,200 with 2-year warranty service. If you want to buy something that is fashionable and stylish then this hearing aid is what you should look into. Gem+ offers you a unique but powerful experience that you will surely enjoy. Some of the features of Gem+ include an automatic environment management equalizer, automatic equalizer, automatic noise reduction, feedback preventer, wireless assistant, soundsmoothing, and advanced nano coating.
  • Rexton Bridge + – Rexton hearing aids prices for Bridge+ ranges from $1,550-$2,600 with 2-year warranty service and 12 & 8 bands and channels. This Rexton digital hearing aid offers a more comfortable and more natural way of hearing. Bridge+ will definitely satisfy your entire hearing needs. Moreover, this Rexton hearing aid also provides flexibility and convenience. Among the features that make this hearing aid fabulous include Blu RCU wireless technology, rechargeability, multi-channel adaptive directional microphone, automatic noise reduction system, adaptive feedback cancellation system, feedback preventer and more.

Aside from the models mentioned above, you can also look for other models developed by Rexton like the Rexton Day+, Rexton Arena, and Rexton Targa Plus. You can also check Rexton hearing aids prices and make a hearing aid price comparison with other brands. Find the best digital hearing aids prices and features that go well with your needs.


Widex Hearing Aids Prices

widex hearing aids pricesWidex hearing aids will help you regain your hearing loss. The low cost hearing aids from Widex will help you revive your hearing with their line of products. You can be sure that the hearing aids that Widex will provide will give you the chance to reconnect with your loved ones. Hearing loss is a huge detriment to your ability to communicate. You can also get invisible hearing aids from Widex that will not be detrimental to your physical appearance. Widex hearing aids prices vary from model to model. You can get your own Widex hearing aid at the price that you are looking for.

Widex hearing aids prices will depend on which model that you want to purchase. Here are some models that you may want to check out when you buy a hearing aid from Widex:

CLEAR Hearing Aid

The CLEAR hearing aid from Widex will provide you with natural sound. The hearing aids that this model uses are connected wirelessly like regular ears. The functional settings of the CLEAR hearing aids will adjust to the listening environment you are in. The varying volume of the sounds you will be hearing will be heard clearly when you use this model. The CLEAR hearing aids will also adjust to sounds coming from different directions. The CLEAR hearing aid will allow you to select and focus on a particular sound that you want to hear. Widex hearing aid prices for this model will be different from the other models.

MIND Hearing Aid

The MIND hearing aid from Widex will provide you excellent sound quality. The MIND hearing aid also uses a unique feature called the Zen. The Zen feature will allow you to relax and block out sounds you do not want to hear. You will be able to relax and block out any sound when you use this model. Prices are in the range of $3,299.

Passion Hearing Aid

The Passion hearing aid from Widex offers an invisible yet stylish hearing aid. You can barely see the Passion hearing aid because it is rooted deep in your ear. Its ultra small size is comfortable to use and wear. This model uses high tech hearing aid systems to maximize the sound you can hear despite its ultra small size. The Passion hearing aid also has a distinct feedback cancelling system that removes whistling sounds that irritate your ears. Prices on the Passion range between $2,199 to $3,299.

You can find the hearing aid that you want when you browse the Widex webpage. You can compare Widex hearing aids prices and look for the model that you want at the price you can afford. The hearings aids that Widex offers use high tech hardware and software to ensure that you hear high-quality sounds. You can also benefit from the unique features that each model has to offer. You can receive high quality sound and remove excess sound when you use a hearing aid from Widex.


Beltone  Hearing Aids Prices

Beltone does not publicly disclose their hearing aid prices.  For more information, visit their website.


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