Oticon Hearing Aids Review

Danish manufacturer Oticon produces several models of hearing aids, each one designed for a different hearing impaired audience. Epoq is in the performance line and delivers balanced and in-depth sound through wireless communication using cutting-edge technology.

The design line is represented by the Dual model and this offering delivers both performance and elegance. After reading an Oticon hearing aids review, consumers will see there is much more to each of these products.

With their wireless technology, Epoq devices allow wearers to use audio devices via a streamer that permits effective transmission of signals. This model is offered in behind the ear, in the ear, receiver in the ear, in the canal, and completely in the canal styles.

A model called Delta features a triangular shape, adapts to changing levels of noise, and is almost invisible. It delivers a natural feel due to its open ear acoustic system and natural sound through a three-way noise detection mechanism.

Typical Oticon hearing aids reviews explains that when the Dual model is worn as a pair, each device works together, using Spatial Sound technology that allows wearers to easily locate and identify sounds without needing to focus on them.

A feature called ConnectLine streams music and television sounds directly to the devices. Dual models come in various colors and two series, Connect and Mini.

There are several other models of devices covered in a standard Oticon hearing aids review. These include the Safran, an invisible device that features automatic adjustments. Safran increases sounds and speech to a natural pitch.

Those with severe hearing loss should consider the Sumo because even when the battery in this aid is weak, sound will not fade. This affordable model comes in a behind the ear style, features controllable volume, and is compatible with telephone conversations.

Oticon hearing aids reviewsPowerful directional microphones included in the Go Pro model make this device ideal for people who frequently listen to music or enjoy television.

It comes in behind the ear, in the ear, in the canal, and completely in the canal styles. Special versions of certain models are designed in behind the ear styles for children and these feature affordable prices.

The most reasonably priced model reflected in an Oticon hearing aids review is the Vigo. This device includes directional microphones, background noise dampening, and an intelligent volume control system. It comes in ten colors and features a compact design that is nearly 30 percent smaller than a standard hearing assistance device.