Interton Hearing Aids Review

For more than 40 years, Danish company Interton has designed, developed, and produced advanced hearing systems. Its premier device is called the RITE hearing aid, which stands for receiver in the ear.

This device combines the best features of in the ear and behind the ear styles. Reading an Interton hearing aids review will give a person more information about the technology used.

RITE includes an external receiver within the hearing canal, giving wearers the comfortable feel of an open fit model with a higher quality of sound. The company does make a behind the ear open fit aid that delivers sound through a clear tube.

The style of this device removes the plugged up sensation delivered by a traditional mold. It was designed to cater to a broader range of hearing impaired individuals than most devices.

Technology is the focus of Interton hearing aids reviews because the company uses advanced methods to develop several of its devices. The BIONIC aid was created using artificial intelligence and comes in both in the ear canal and behind the ear styles.

Auditory signals are not compressed by this device, enabling it to stand out from competitor products. Anyone who regularly wears a hearing assistance device can attest to the higher sound quality.

Technology called ADRO is used in BIONIC. This was gleaned from the cochlear research conducted by the company in partnership with leaders in the semi-conductor industry and several university departments of science. ADRO uses fuzzy logic to create flexible signal processing, improved speech clarity, and enhanced user comfort.

Interton hearing aids reviewsAnother technology explained in a standard Interton hearing aids review is the IQ 16-bit processor. This component uses little energy but exhibits outstanding speed, providing high auditory quality while extending battery life.

Devices also include advanced features like Mobile Interference Protection for cell phone calls that are interference-free, noise reduction through Adaptive Beam technology, and feedback cancellation using an Adaptive Feedback manager.

Arguably the most notable technology used is called CROS. This system transmits sound from the ear with severe or total hearing loss to the ear that can hear adequately. Wearers will be able to clearly hear a conversation regardless of where the speaker is located.

Pair all of this technology with various style offerings and a great product line results, as is clear from reading an Interton hearing aids review. An individual can find a device with the latest features in a design that is as discreet as it is comfortable.