CIC Hearing Aids Review

CIC hearing aids are those that sit completely in the ear canal. Anyone who is hearing impaired has likely heard of this style but unless the person has read a CIC hearing aids review, he or she may not be aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

It is important for a person to consider which device will be best during the long-term so learning more about the positives and negatives of CIC devices is recommended.

The factor that is usually stressed most in CIC hearing aids reviews is that this style of device is the smallest hearing aid currently available. The device is custom fitted to the ear of the individual and rests deep within the ear canal.

This enables it to deliver the most natural hearing experience while being nearly invisible to an observer. Hearing impaired individuals who desire discreetness regarding their condition frequently select this style.

A CIC device will only be a possible solution if the ear canal is big enough to enable the device to reach a certain depth. Only those who have mild to moderate loss of hearing should consider this style.

A person who experiences dexterity issues due to conditions like arthritis should not choose CIC aids because it requires handling a tiny device and battery. This is something that should be seriously considered, as all hearing assistance devices are expensive so making the wrong choice initially will only increase the costs.

A comprehensive CIC hearing aids review points out that the natural increase in volume is another advantage of this style. This loudness boost is created by the placement of the speaker near the eardrum. Wearers receive natural sound from a microphone within the ear canal, plus a loudness boost from this receiver.

cic hearing aids reviewsHowever, not all is rosy when it comes to this style of device. In general, a CIC model will cost more than an in the ear style, making it unaffordable to those on a budget. Due to their size, these devices are not recommended for use with children, since a child’s ears are still growing. Another issue is feedback resulting from close proximity of the receiver to the microphone.

Other drawbacks outlined in a CIC hearing aid review include the fact that these smaller devices are more likely to sustain damage due to moisture and earwax. This can result in higher rate of repairs, which equates to higher lifetime cost. Consumers should take these negatives and positives into account when comparing CIC styles to other models.